The Community Christmas Celebration

Our Community Christmas Celebration is designed to distribute toys, cheer and a sense of unity to the youth of Los Angeles. We section off an entire block and provide food, activities, jumpers for the kids and information booths from local agencies. Police officers and firefighters bring actual police cars and fire trucks to be toured by kids big and small. And, of course, One For All – OFAKIDS makes sure that the block is visited by the big jolly guy himself.

Sponsorship in this program provides our benefactors with a chance to give back to the community and put a smile on the faces of those who need it the most, at a time when it is most needed.

Back to School With One For All – OFAKIDS

As children head back to school, they need all the support they can get to start strong and fast in their quest for academic excellence. Back to School With One For All – OFAKIDS is designed with that concept in mind. We provide school supplies and offer tutoring to those who demonstrate the economic and/or academic need. Criteria is based on family income and past academic performance.

Sponsorship in this program provides our benefactors with a chance to aid students in starting fast in school, which allows them to achieve greater success in other areas of life. We have come to understand that when the student is achieving academically, all other aspects of life seem to fall in place.

The Good Report Card Initiative & One For All – OFAKIDS Bucks!

Our Good Report Card Initiative rewards students for good grades and academic performance. Students receive “OFAKIDS Bucks” which they can redeem for school supplies or other academically related support.

Investment in this program provides our benefactors with the opportunity to make a clear and pointed statement: hard work has concrete and tangible benefits. In our estimation, this is one of the most important lessons for the youth of today to learn and carry on into adulthood.

Exploring Math & Science with One For All – OFAKIDS

The County of Los Angeles contains not only some of the most exciting science destinations in the state, but in the entire nation. From the Griffith Observatory, to the La Brea Tar Pits, to the California Science Center, opportunities for learning about the important role of math & science abound in Los Angeles. Once a year, OFA sponsors a trip to one of these destinations with the goal of teaching students about a broader spectrum of knowledge outside of the regular curriculum of the school system. Students are able to witness first hand how much math & science factor in their everyday life and how much fun math and science can truly be!

Sponsorship in this program provides our benefactors with a chance to expose our youth to the nuances of math and science that may not have been highlighted in their lives here to fore. Quite simply, math and science are fascinating. Our youth need to know this. And who knows, maybe we have the next Einstein among us…All they may need is a little spark to set them on the path to genius!

Exploring Math & Science with One For All – OFAKIDS

Once a year, One For All – OFAKIDS orchestrates a community day sponsored by a local celebrity. An example of celebrity participation has been Constance Marie of the George Lopez show. Residents are given the opportunity to meet and greet the celebrity and fellowship with their neighbors. The goal of the event is to demonstrate to youth how persons just like them can become successful, even famous, if they work hard and maintain the drive to succeed. This event is usually sponsored in the summer to make maximum use of the fun and sun of Southern California.

Sponsorship in this program, through a guest appearance or monetary contribution, provides our benefactors with a chance give to back to the community and truly promotes the stuff that dreams are made of!

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