Our History

ofa-staffOne For All – OFAKIDS was established in 2003 by Mari Morales in response to the distinct need to academically support the youth in Los Angeles County. Since its inception, One For All – OFAKIDS has focused on establishing programs that combine resources from all factions of the community in support of the academic advancement and empowerment of our youth. These programs include: 1. The Community Christmas Celebration, 2. Back to School with One For All – OFAKIDS, 3. The Good Report Card Initiative, 4. One For All – OFAKIDS Bucks!, 5. Exploring Math & Science with One For All – OFAKIDS, and 6. Celebrity “Yes You Can” day.

The Community Christmas Celebration was instituted first. The program was established in order to give of the community to the children in the community. Bonding and a collaborative sense of unity was the focus. That spirit still drives the Christmas Celebration to this day.

Building upon the Christmas program, we established our Back to School Program. Here, the focus for One For All – OFAKIDS was to give the children of the community school supplies and a solid foundation upon which to build a successful school year.

Next, we instituted our report card program. The focus of the program was designed to keep the momentum of the Back to School program going all year long. To this date, we have rewarded hundreds of students with school supplies, uniforms and scholarship support for stellar academic achievement.

Our Exploring Math & Science with the One For All – OFAKIDS program was borne out of a need to expose the children of the community to a broader view of education other than the basic curriculum of the school system. The first program, in 2007, was a huge success in which all students indicated that it was an experience that would never forget. We have been providing such an unforgettable experience to the children of Los Angeles ever since.

Our One For All – OFAKIDS Bucks and Celebrity programs followed. These programs were specifically designed to teach students how to leverage their education as well as their talents. Students really enjoy being empowered to use “investment capital” to enhance their education. Also, being able to actually meet and talk to some of the “stars” of television and the movies shows them that anything really is possible if they have a plan and work hard to achieve it.

One For All – OFAKIDS is constantly evaluating our current programs and seeking to institute new programs organically and through strategic partnerships. Now we stand in 2011 poised to empower the youth of Los Angeles into the next decade with innovation, confidence and vigor.